Körsbärsdalen B&B


Modern and cosy

5 double rooms with all facilities you need. Every morning breakfast is served in the dining room. 

Rent the cottage for a weekend

Enjoy the freedom in your cottage - Enelyckan - with room for up to seven persons. Perfect for a nice weekend in the countryside. 

Undisturbed conference

In the conference cottage you will definitely be undisturbed.Not more than 30 metres from the B&B and dining room. Also enjoy the view of the cherry vally just outside the door.

If you have to cancel:

Please contact Booking.com if you have to make a cancellation or change. Use your confirmation mail. We are not allowed to change these reservations due to Booking.com terms and regulations.


The same goes for reservations thru  AirBnB. Please use your confirmation mail.

If you made your reservation directly to Körsbärsdalen B&B you are welcome to call us on 0046 706 222 077 or email kontakt@korsbarsdalen.se

You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions!

Körbärsdalen Bed & Breakfast,  Enelyckan 712, 247 96 Veberöd, +46 (0)706 222 077 , E-mail: kontakt@korsbarsdalen.se